• Stretches and opens the inner thigh and groin and hips
  • Builds strong balance
  • Strengthens the core


  • Straighten the front leg + hinge forward at the hips to lower your front hand down
  • Open up your chest and top shoulder to the ceiling
  • Squeeze in your glutes to stack one hip under the other


  • Don’t press too much weight down into the front leg with your front hand; light touch instead
  • Don’t poke your bum out in order to get your front hand down low; keep your bum in!
  • Don’t spread your feet too wide; keep them a little closer


A wise word from one of our instructors, Patrick: triangle is often a pose used in transition with other lunges, so use it to find a few moment of stillness, calmness and a cool mind. Be like Fonzy; real cool.