Your base, a foundation for strength.

The power of mountain pose is generated through our anchoring to the ground and creates stability and an effective jumping-off-point for the rest of the practice.


  • Flare your toes out. This will provide you with the widest possible base and create a centre of balance
  • Weight should tend towards outer heels. Rest into the ground and promote extension of the spine.
  • Pull your shoulders away from your ears. The aim of the pose is not to reach, but to extend the arms and spine, while keeping your shoulder blades pulled back down.


  • Helps to create a sense of balance and strength.
  • Flaring toes promotes better toe health, which for runners or athletes can help prevent injuries like plantar fasciitis (jogger’s heel)
  • Standing tall in the posture leads to life-long spine health.


A simple pose, but the complexity lies within being strong and committed.