This one starts as a low crescent lunge and then we add a sneaky twist to make things a little interesting.


  • Stretches the hip flexor and general hips region
  • Helps with tight lower back muscle


  • Make sure your front foot is directly under your knee
  • Toes on your back foot should be untucked
  • Hugh your belly button in to support your lower back
  • Press your hips forward so it feels like your tailbone is lowering to the floor
  • Keep your neck long
  • Open your arms as wide as you can and draw your shoulder blades in


  • Don’t hunch your shoulders by your ears
  • Don’t let your knee go forward over your toes
  • Don’t crunch into your lower back
  • Don’t hesitate to ask your instructor if you have any questions

A wise word from instructor Pat… “throw away your Metamucil because all your digestive systems is some daily twists!”