Urban Yoga is yoga…but without the scary bits. We drop the traditional yoga-speak and lift the volume. Let our original soundtrack of DJ mixed tunes and high def imaging surround you, and our awesome instructors guide you – leaving you free to tune out, chill down and lose yourself in your practice.

We have created a unique, carefully curated yoga experience from the moment you book your mat online. Step up to the stylish, low-lit yoga space, step into stunning change rooms and step on to one of our elegant high performance mats. Here at Urban Yoga we are flipping the script when it comes to innovative, fully immersive yoga like you’ve never experienced before. Retreat to the beat with Urban Yoga.

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Urban Yoga helps you redefine what you think you are capable of – using your own body to create resistance and test your own limits. It’s a full-body workout that gets you lean and builds strength. Yoga moves and lengthens every muscle group and strengthens your core with each class. Whatever your reason for starting Urban Yoga, you’ll be leaner, stronger and more flexible in every way. It’s yoga with a pulse. Your pulse.


Cut the world out, clear your mind and connect to your mat. No ego. No judgement. Let that shit go. Urban Yoga distils a sense of clarity and stillness that transcends the four studio walls and goes with you back out into the world. Urban and beyond.

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We believe that we work best we are most connected to ourselves and to others. Through your membership, Urban Yoga contributes to clean water, education, safe birth and opportunity to people in need in some of the poorest communities around the globe.

That means when you become part of the Urban Yoga commuity you are also becoming part of the global community.

We are all human and we believe we share the same hopes and desires no matter where we live.

Urban Yoga uses business for good, as a vehicle for change. We know that we are blessed to live here in Sydney Australia and that we have an abundance of opportunity. We don’t take this for granted and commit to supporting those with less opportunity.

So each time you step on the mat and commit to your practice – we together commit to our greater community and ensure that for each member we have here at Urban Yoga that we support a person in need.

One member supporting One human.

We are deeply invested in being part of a generation that is committed to creating a better world for our generation and for generations to come. 

We are all human, we believe in being kind and this is our project. To empower ourselves whilst empowering others.

Learn more about how we support at www.humankindproject.org.au


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