Who is behind Urban Yoga?

Jacinta McDonell has been involved in the fitness industry since she was 18 years old. Having always loved movement and being an entrepreneur, it’s no surprise that Jacinta is one of the Co-Founders of Anytime Fitness Australia, a business that she launched in 2008 and that now has over 440 franchised clubs open throughout the country.

While running Anytime Fitness Australia, Jacinta found herself seeking something different than her traditional exercise routine. And so it was that in 2009, Jacinta found yoga and her love for this practice was born. During this time in Jacinta’s life while her business was growing rapidly and she was looking after her two young children, Yoga became a place for Jacinta to find peace and calm.

As Anytime Fitness developed, gaining a team of staff as it went, Jacinta found she was removed from day to day operations of the business which in turn ended up deepening her yoga practice. It was at this time that Jacinta started to wonder what a yoga practice could be like if it was curated to music.

This thought stayed with Jacinta for a few years and then, in early 2014, one of her girlfriends actually said, “the yoga you want to create sounds amazing – can you just create this? I’m sick of hearing about it!”

And so, the journey to create what is now Urban Yoga involving music and choreography started then, with the first studio opening in December 2015.

The way Urban Yoga now curates tracks and develops classes is a 12-week process with music from our DJ who is based in LA, hours of choreography sessions, film editing and instructor rehearsal.

These processes have been both challenging and rewarding and Jacinta now feels that we are creating classes which are inspiring and fun while they still maintain the power of a regular yoga practice.

Jacinta often says “I love doing things differently and Urban Yoga is that to yoga as Anytime Fitness was back in 2008 when we first launched. My focus is not ever on what the industry is currently doing… But what I believe the consumer wants and needs.”

We believe that Urban Yoga is what consumers will love and know that more people will find a Yoga practice because of us. This is why Urban exists.

Some common questions we are asked…….

Who designed the studio?

Jacinta along with her girlfriend SJ did!

They love it, they think it feels amazing and loved creating this space.

How does Urban Yoga GIVE back?

As you may or may not know Urban Yoga donates each and every time you are on your mat in the studio.  We donate to our foundation, The Human Kind Project. Jacinta established this foundation in 2015 to support the Global Goals http://www.globalgoals.org/ and focus our attention on Gender Equality, Quality Education, eliminating Hunger and Poverty and Wellbeing and Health for all.

What’s next?

We are currently working on very exciting and very BIG plans and will be launching our new brand that will expand on what we have created here at Urban Yoga.

Stay tuned and make sure you are subscribed to the Urban Yoga newsletter.

Keep up to date with what we are doing:

Human Kind Project


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