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Urban Yoga. Yoga With A Pulse.

Urban Yoga is a different kind of yoga and we are proud to be different. Built around music, the Urban community creates a space where you are free to check in with your body, check out your mind and ignite yourself in the music. . The unique Urban Yoga style builds strength, flexibility and fitness through movement. You are powerful, connected to the mat… So move.

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Why Urban Yoga:


Cut the world out, clear your mind and connect to your mat. No ego. No judgement. Let that shit go.


Whatever your reason for starting Urban Yoga, you’ll be leaner, stronger and more flexible. Show up, commit to your practice and be transformed.


Choose to show up and become a part of our community of humans that seek to change themselves and change the world. You are worthy of greatness. You just need to choose it.


Your brain treats music differently. Music is unique and rhythm is fundamentally linked to movement within your brain. That’s the energy Urban Yoga harnesses. Lose yourself in the music. Find yourself in the practice.

Our Classes

All sessions play our signature tunes and use our wicked visuals to make sure your session is fully immersive.
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Every Day
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Great place to yoga! Friendly staff and relaxing environment.

Urban Yoga, Member

Best Broga class I've been to so far...

Urban Yoga, Member

Amazing, honestly one of the best yoga classes I've ever had, everything from the audiovisuals, the studio itself, to the head massage at the end made for an incredible yoga experience. Will definitely be back!

Urban Yoga, Member

I'm seriously considering quitting my job so I can spend all my time here.

Urban Yoga, Member

I'm loving all the classes at urban, the teachers are so lovely! Can't keep away!

Urban Yoga, Member

By far the nicest yoga studio I have ever been to. Chilled vibe, chic decor. Feels like a spa. Amazing!

Urban Yoga, Member

This is a great Yoga Studio, a totally different experience. I was unsure the if it would be for me but having been to a few of the classes now, it is awesome. I leave feeling so chilled and refreshed. The music and visuals really makes this a different yoga experience, where you can focus on you - I would recommend trying it out for sure!

Urban Yoga, Member

I'm very passionate about Yoga! Since moving to Sydney 2yrs ago, I've literally tried every known space... I enjoy going to different places but am now I'm loving Urban Yoga so much I no longer want to go anywhere else.. Love love love the flow, the vibes, the crew and the place.

Urban Yoga, Member

I never enjoyed yoga before coming to Urban. I'm I love. Thank you so much!!!

Urban Yoga, Member

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